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About Us

Combining and Elevating the Importance of Physical and Spiritual Health

Founded in 2019, Eleventh Element exists to combine and elevate the importance of physical and spiritual health by providing a pastoral presence to the fitness community. 

We do this by partnering with local fitness centers and offering free community workouts coupled with a short message designed to fuel our spiritual walk.

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Our Core Values


Our first primary value is Integrity. In all aspects of life, it is our goal to be of high integrity. We want to seek honesty, high moral standards and principles, and having that spill over into all aspects of our lives.


Our second primary value is accuracy. It is crucial for us to be accurate in the way we approach physical fitness in order to prevent injury. More importantly, however is our accuracy in what is taught spiritually. As a matter of life and death, we diligently pursue accuracy in teaching Gospel truth.



Our third primary value is hospitality. Essentially a combination of host and guest: our goal is to provide a culture that is inviting to guests and provides for both their spiritual and physical needs.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Our Partners

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What We Believe

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